Farewell Mike - time to rest

DIAZ Michael Anthony Diaz, Jr. 44, a native of Chalmette, LA and a resident of Luling, LA, passed away on Friday, November 15, 2013 at Ochsner Foundation Hospital. Visitation will be from 10:00 AM until 12:00 PM on Tuesday, November 19, 2013 at West St. Charles Baptist Church, Boutte, LA. Religious services at 12:00 PM Tuesday, with burial to follow at Westlawn Cemetery, Gretna, LA. He is survived by his wife, Jacqueline Dufrene-Diaz; daughters, Micaela Diaz, Talia Diaz, Claudia Dufrene; son Marcos Dufrene; and parents Miguel and Stacey Diaz. Michael serviced in the U.S.

Mike may go home in a couple of weeks

Update, from Mike's wife, Jacqueline -
Today Michael and I get to celebrate out 11th anniversary! We also get to celebrate some good news. The doctors said that since Michael has been doing so much better that he will be able to come home in about 2 weeks. We're hoping that he can be home for Christmas! Thankyou so much for all the prayers and support.

Mike Diaz Update 9/26/12

Michael Diaz Update, from his wife, Jacqueline -
Michael is making progress. He's still in ICU but has been working with physical therapy and he stood up today and took a step! The infection he had caused permanent damage to his lungs the Drs say he needs to have a second transplant. Please continue to keep Michael and our family in your prayers.

Mike Diaz Update 9/9/12

Had a really good visit with Mike last night. He's lucid, talking, laughing and was in a pretty good mood. He's still in icu with the trach tube in, but has been working hard to breathe on his own. He has to talk in whispers, but it is getting easier to understand him. This is the best I've seen him look in weeks. Still no word on the long term, but I am encouraged by his progress. Please keep him in your prayers. Thanks.

Mike Diaz Update 7/30/12

Mike is finishing up day 48 in the hospital, and is still in ICU. He has a trach for breathing and a feeding tube, but he is conscious. He cannot speak, but can whisper some, nod and smile. The doctors say it is now the waiting game, as they slowly try to wean him off the vent and see if he is responding to the antibiotics, before they affect his kidneys. They have not given a specific timeline for his recovery, except for saying he still has a long way to go. Please continue to pray for him.

Bass Tournament to Benefit Mike and family

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Mike Diaz Update - Wednesday, 7/4/12

Mike has been relatively stable for the last day and a half, with his vital signs improving. Doc said he may be in the hospital for a month or more, as this is a slow process.

This morning, his left lung collapsed and they had to insert a chest tube. The procedure went fine. After inserting the chest tube, his lung popped back up and his stats are coming back. They're watching the kidneys again, as they are not producing as they should. Please keep the prayers coming.


Mike Diaz Update - Monday, 7/2/12

It's been a tough 36 hours, but Mike is improving. He is completely off the blood pressure meds, down to 90% from 100% oxygen, warming blankets removed. His kidneys are functioning again. He is still vented, but stable. They will start giving him less of the medicine that paralyzes him. Still a long way to go, but moving in a positive direction. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.


Mike Diaz Update - Sunday, 7/1/12

Mike had been doing real well at the end of last week and hoped to go home on Monday, but he took a bad turn in the last day or so. Late Friday night, he started having trouble breathing and yesterday they put him back on a mask. Yesterday evening he tested positive for infection and they found he has pneumonia again. Late last night he moved to ICU and this morning he's back on the vent.

Wednesday Mike Update

Mike is doing much better and his physicians say he will recover. He was taken off the ventilator completely and is breathing on his own, with very little fluid draining from his lungs. His main issue now is agitation and confusion for being under anesthesia for so long. His team is trying to slowly wake him up without him getting agitated. No visitors yet, however we hope to get him home soon. Again, his team says he will make a full recovery, which is the great news!