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Mike Condition Update 7/16/12

Mike is currently still stable in the ICU, however he has had a few minor setbacks of late. His oxygen levels have been up and down, and the doctors are continuing to modify the amount of oxygen the vent is dispensing. He's currently at 60%. His BP is stable and all organs are functioning normally. Mike is generally agitated when awake, so his team has him sedated so that he gets the rest he needs to heal. Mike is one tough guy, and although he's been in ICU for over a month now, we're confident that we'll see him out of the hospital and back to his old self soon.

Update and benefit luncheon

This is Jeff, hanging with Mike tonight. Mike hasn't updated in a while, but he's feeling great! Just completed his second bronchoscopy this morning and hopefully we will get better results than last time. There was some signs of rejection on the last test but nothing that the doctors weren't expecting in a case like this. Mike will update himself when the results come in. He's so very grateful for all the donations. And the prayers, too! Check out this link for information on a luncheon benefit for Mike, should be a great time!

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