Mike Diaz Update - Sunday, 7/1/12

Mike had been doing real well at the end of last week and hoped to go home on Monday, but he took a bad turn in the last day or so. Late Friday night, he started having trouble breathing and yesterday they put him back on a mask. Yesterday evening he tested positive for infection and they found he has pneumonia again. Late last night he moved to ICU and this morning he's back on the vent.

It's amazing how quickly things can turn. I was with him Friday evening and he was doing great. We hung out for a while and he was in a pretty good mood. We talked about all of the support he's been getting on FB and he was very appreciative. He was very optimistic about going home and looking forward to getting some non-hospital food. We also talked about the hospitalization being part of the deal sometimes and how he knows he will make it through this.

Please continue to pray for Mike and his family. Thank you.