Mike Has Been Discharged!

Mike has been discharged and is now in his apartment. They are requesting no visitors until he is settled in. We may set him up with a Skype account so he can do some video chatting. Stay tuned...

Moving On Up!

Mike will be moving to a transplant apartment (an apartment near the hospital) on Friday. Still no word on visitors, but he is doing fabulous!

Another good night

Mike had a good night last night. There were a couple of very minor episodes of coughing, which causes him great pain. All in all he is doing fantastic for a guy who last week was knocking on Heaven's door. He should take a walk today. Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes. It means a great deal to his recovery.

Last Tube Removed

The last tube in Mike's chest has been removed. Still no visitors. He's resting and doing well. More status later.

Another Chest Tube Removed

One of the two remaining chest tubes has been removed. He's still in pain, but is hanging tough. His overnight nurse said he is doing fantastic!

Remaining Tubes May Be Removed Today

Mike still has two additional tubes, which may be removed today. He's uncomfortable, but doing well. More info to come...

Mike is out of ICU!

Mike has been moved out of ICU and into his own room. A big chest tube has been removed. Still no visitors, but he sends his love to us all!

Making Great Progress

Mike is hurting and tired, but making great progress. No word on when he'll be out of ICU or when he can have visitors, but we know these things take time. We'll continue to send updates, as they become available.

Doing Great

Mike is doing great this morning. We should find out today how long he will be in ICU. No visitor until he gets to a regular room. Keep the support and prayers coming!

Information for an article about Mike

We had a request from the contact form from Jonathan Menard a writer for the Herald-Guide for information on Mike. I wrote a lengthy letter back. Can any of you comment with any corrections or embellishments? I left in the original message below my response and crossed out Mike's cell number.


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