Mike is talking!

Jacqueline is with Mike now. Mike is in good spirits. Mike is able to talk a little but his speech is slow and labored. Mike is on 4 liters of oxygen. He is breathing good but in a lot of pain in his ribs because there are 3 chest tubes on his side pushing against his ribs. Mike is on insulin due to the antirejection medication that he is taking. The docs are getting ready to have Mike sit up. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Jacqueline will update us again later.

Breathing Tube Is Out

Mike Diaz Update - The breathing tube has been removed and Mike is breathing on his own, with minor oxygen. He's in a lot of pain but looks great and even flashed a big smile! No visitors allowed until he gets out of ICU and into a standard room. Once he gets to his room, we'll post that info. I'm sure he'll love plenty of visits.

Had a Good Night

Mike had a good night last night, but is still fighting the lungs, because he's not used to being able to breathe with them. No visitors allowed yet. Will send more info soon...

Visitors are being sent home.

Mike is recovering in ICU. The Doctors have requested that he be left alone till tomorrow. He needs to calm down and get the lungs dry. He is doing as well as expected.

Breathing Tube may stay in till tomorrow

There is a bit of fluid on his new lungs. So, they are planning on treating him with some medication over night to dry the lungs and remove the breathing tube in the morning.

They are waking him up!

Mike is doing well, lungs are functioning and they are starting to wake him up. Jacqueline says he in in an out, but his eyes are open and he is responding. The breathing tube will be coming out soon!

The reason Mike has new lungs

A 19 yr old boy had a fatal accident - because his family chose organ donation this boy saved 7 lives today - including our friend Mike. The doctors said that even though they had given Mike 6 months - they were wrong. After looking at Mike's lungs he was down to minutes. God works in mysterious ways. Many prayers to the donor family and many prayers to Mike.

Surgery Went Fantastic!

Surgery went fantastic! Lungs are a perfect fit. The Doctor said he came through with flying colors. He'll be in ICU for several days with very limited visits. Please say prayers for the donor who was only 19 years old. He saved several lives besides Mike's. The biggest hurdle has been crossed, but there's still a lot to go through for Mike. Please continue with all the thoughts and prayers.

Transplant Complete, Closing Him Up

The transplant is complete and they are closing him up. This could take another 1-2 hours. After that, we will speak to Dr for status.

No Word Yet, but No News is Good News...

No word yet, but no news is good news. Into hour 5 of the surgery, with expected 2-3 hours left. More info to come...


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