Surgery began at 4:45 AM

The surgery began at 4:45 AM and is expected to last 6 hours. The donor lungs look great! Jacqueline sounded upbeat when I spoke with her this morning. Keep praying!

Surgery Pushed back to 3am

Just texted with Mike. The Surgery has been pushed back to 3am. He will be on the 2nd floor in the morning. I drop the kids off at school by 8am. There is internet access in the waiting room, so I can work. I should be there around 9am.

Visitor are welcome. Please take health protocols; be clean, wash before you enter and if you feel ill or have an infection, please visit with friends and family in the waiting area. They need your support as much as Mike!

Transplant Surgery To Begin at 2am

UPDATE - The surgery will begin at Ochsner at 2am and is expected to last around 8 hours. Please send happy thoughts and prayers his way!

Also, keep in mind the family of the donor, because without their gift, this transplant would not be possible.

Go get 'em Captain D!!!!

Lungs have been found!

Mr. Mike (Mike's Dad) called and said they have a donor for Mike. Details are sketchy but they have begun pre-surgery procedures.

Getting treated with Antibotics

The latest is Mike is going to be staying at Oschner for the next few days to get IV antibiotics to treat the Pneumonia. If all goes well he should be back at his Dad's later this week. Visitors are discouraged at this point until the infection is under control.

Pneumonia in both lungs

The latest is that Mike has pneumonia in both lungs. He is at Ochsner in Jefferson, but visitors are not allowed at this point. An update on his condition will be posted as soon as we get more information.

Mike back in the Hospital

The Captain is at ochsner having some tests run. His breathing has been erratic for the past day or so, with some violent coughing fits that produce blood. He can’t have visitors yet until he’s stable. Will send more info when I know it, but for now the overnights at Big Mike’s in Slidell are suspended pending outcome of this hospital stay.
-via Jeff Loupe


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