Mike Diaz Update - Sunday, 7/1/12

Mike had been doing real well at the end of last week and hoped to go home on Monday, but he took a bad turn in the last day or so. Late Friday night, he started having trouble breathing and yesterday they put him back on a mask. Yesterday evening he tested positive for infection and they found he has pneumonia again. Late last night he moved to ICU and this morning he's back on the vent.

It's Been a Tough Couple of Days

For those who have not heard, Mike had to be checked into Ochsner late last week with pneumonia in his right lung. Early Saturday morning, his oxygen levels dropped and he was moved to ICU. A bit later he was intubated and sedated to help his body recuperate. As of this writing he is doing better. His lungs have less fluid and he is pretty much breathing on his own. They expect to wake him up tomorrow. I will post more updates as I get them. Please continue to keep Mike in your prayers.

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